Wholeschool Portal | Home 17 October 2016


Homework is a key aspect of a pupil’s learning experience and an integral part of teaching, learning and assessment procedures.  It refers to learning which is central to curriculum objectives and which supports and complements the work pupils do in school but which takes place beyond formal classroom teaching and which is primarily the responsibility of the learner herself.  It may be understood in the widest sense as a pupil’s “own learning”.

The types of homework set will vary from subject to subject and from department to department but there is uniformity of practice among all the members of each different department and this is co-ordinated by the Head of Department. 

It is school policy that any written homeworks set should be corrected carefully and fully, with constructive comments and criticisms where appropriate, and returned to the pupils as soon as possible.

In setting appropriate tasks in each subject the following overall maximum total times for homework on any one night are observed:

 Year  8   1hr 30mins
 Year  9   1hr 45mins
 Year 10  2 hrs

In Years 11 to 14 where not all girls will do the same subjects or the same number of subjects it is less easy to define precise overall totals but the same principle prevails that individual subjects do not require excessive or unreasonable time allocations from pupils for homeworks.  In Years 13 and 14 girls are encouraged to develop further their independent learning strategies in their private study time in school and at home in preparation for Higher Education.

Each pupil is given a Year Planner in September which provides basic information about school routines and in which details of homework set can be recorded.

A full copy of the school’s Homework Policy is available on request.