Wholeschool Portal | Home 17 October 2016

 The school recognises that ICT is a powerful resource for teaching and learning if used effectively and responsibly. In order to harness the power of this resource, the school seeks to:

• Integrate ICT where possible into the pupils’ and teachers’ experience in school to enhance their learning and development
• Encourage the development and dissemination of good practice in the use of ICT including critical thinking and media literacy (All pupils are required to sign an ICT contract)
• Keep pupils and staff abreast of developments in ICT
• Utilise ICT to enable staff to carry out administrative responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner
• Use ICT as a vehicle for personal and professional development among staff

Provision of ICT within the curriculum

• ICT is taught in one hour lessons for Years 8 and 9. There are three teaching blocks of ICT for each year group with the interim periods used for citizenship classes. Year 8 classes focus on word-processing, spreadsheets and the use of the Internet. Year 9 classes focus on presentation packages: Powerpoint, Web Design and Publisher.
• At Key Stage 3 ICT is delivered by all Learning Areas as a Cross-curricular Skill. ICT is assessed as a CCS by two Learning Areas in each year group of KS3

• At Key Stage 4 an integrated approach within the subject areas is encouraged also. ICT provision is also integrated into the Citizenship component of GCSE Learning for Life and Work provision in Year 11
• Students can opt to take an AS/A Level in Applied ICT (CCEA) in Years 13 and 14

All departments provide opportunities for pupils to use ICT across the Key Stages.

Full details of the ICT Policy, Internet Policy, Child Protection Policy and ICT Contract are available on request.