Wholeschool Portal | Home 17 October 2016


At present the school operates a horizontal year-group system with girls assigned to a Form Teacher in a form-group.  In Years 8 to 12 and, as far as possible in Years 13 and 14, girls are assigned to a Form Teacher who teaches them. 

While all staff will necessarily exercise a pastoral role in all the various aspects of their dealings with pupils, the role of the Form Teacher is seen as the central one within the pastoral system.  The aim is that the Form Teacher should gain a detailed knowledge of the needs, emotional development, progress and academic attainment of each pupil in their form and should be supported by and be responsible to the Pastoral Co-Ordinator who in turn works closely with the Vice-Principal and the Principal.

In the Collegiate School we believe that the fostering of trust and good relationships with the parents/guardians of our pupils is vital. We believe that a close partnership between home and school should help to ensure that all pupils learn and develop to their full potential in a caring, supportive and safe environment.

Good communication is essential if such relationships are to be developed.  The school undertakes to:

inform parents/guardians if there are serious concerns relating to their daughter’s behaviour or progress

encourage all parents/guardians to attend the yearly meeting for parents of each year group

encourage all parents/guardians to make contact with the school if they have any concerns about any aspect of their daughter’s education and make an arrangement to see one or more of the following staff

  • Form Teacher
  • Pastoral Co-Ordinator
  • Vice-Principal
  • Principal